DIY . Spring Bouquet

Go over to and see how to create your own spring bouquet perfect for your own wedding, or any celebration!





Expert Advice . Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Martha Stewart Weddings offers advice on wisely choosing your wedding photographer, and explains the dos an don’ts along the way. Read the article here


photograph: John Dolan

Vendor Spotlight . Aprés Events

Aprés Events is made up of sister duo Karissa and Kailey Tuthill and Amon Barker. We believe the beauty of your day goes beyond the big shots and staged moments. Each of us has a unique eye for what is beautiful on your wedding day. It’s those magic moments you may miss, the look on your parent’s face, loving words and those crazy unexpected dance moves that make our team come alive. By the time we hit the editing studio we have an amazing variety and collection of unforgettable moments for your wedding day story.

Our goal is to make your film a cinematic experience that you love to watch. We use professional cinema cameras and nimble support equipment to capture the little moments that make for big memories throughout your day without being intrusive. With that being said, the best equipment can’t replace our attention to detail, creativity and passion to create a piece of art that will be cherished for generations.

At the end of the day, our favorite part of the process is watching the film with our clients. The expression on their faces as they relive one of the most important days of their lives is the reason why we love this job so much.

Kendra + Alex: Couloir Wedding from Après Visuals on Vimeo.

Vendor Spotlight . xowyo paper & press

I met Cara Rank of xowyo paper and press years ago when she wrote a story about me for Jackson Hole Magazine. I ended up shooting her wedding a few years later, and I also currently shoot for her magazine, Dishing.

Cara recently asked for my help photographing all of her new work for xowyo paper. She started the company in 2009 after creating her own wedding invitations, and she just seems to get busier every year.

Cara is currently working on a new website for xowyo, but here is a sneak peak of new work she did in 2013.

From Cara:

The summer of 2013 was my busiest season yet. I saw many more letterpress orders this year than I have in the past, which is so exciting because it’s such a beautiful form of printing. I also feel like the style of xowyo paper evolved with this season, so I am excited to show off all my new work.



One of my favorites from the summer was for Alden and Ike, who were married at Trail Creek. Their friend, illustrator Tim Tomkinson, drew the barn where the two were married. We used that image throughout all of their stationery, from invitations to gift bags.


The hand-drawn antler arches continue to be popular. This year I started working with a new artist for many of my hand-drawn pieces. Prudence Daniels drew my new antler arches, which I absolutely love. And stay tuned to my website for photos of her other work.

Another exciting suite I did was for Jaimie and Miles. The bride is a buyer for Macy’s, so she has amazing style. She let me have fun by mixing in a screenprinted wood rehearsal dinner invitation with her letterpress invitation suite.

KT2C3679Photo: Hannah Hardaway

Another couple, April and Lars, found me through I Do Jackson Hole, and they ended up being one of my favorites of all time. One of the things I love most about my job is making lifelong friends with some of my brides and their families. And I feel like April and I just hit it off from the start. She had lots of big ideas and just let me run with them, like the champagne bottle save the date. She only needed to send out 45, which made this project more manageable in terms of cost and labor, but it was still a lot of work. I feel sorry for the people who had to stand in line behind me in the post office. It took three separate trips, but I got all of the boxes mailed out on time.


Stayed tuned for the new work to be put up on the site. And in the meantime, remember you can find xowyo paper and press cards at MADE (in Gaslight Alley and Hotel Terra), Wool and Whiskey, The General Store and Backcountry Baby.

Featured . Elizabeth & Patrick’s Winter Wedding . Martha Stewart

Elizabeth and Patrick’s winter wedding at the Four Seasons in Jackson Hole is published over on This wedding features our preferred vendors; photographer Carrie Patterson and wedding planner Alison Kyle!


Jackson Hole Mountain Resort voted #1 by Ski Magazine

Just a friendly reminder that Ski Magazine voted our very own Jackson Hole Mountain Resort the best place to ski in North America! Lifts open in 2 weeks folks!

Trends & Expert Advice . The Unplugged Wedding

From preferred vendor Hannah Hardaway

I have not had the opportunity to photograph a truly “unplugged wedding” yet, but i do look forward to the day.  There are many, many reasons why couples are choosing to request that their guests leave their cell phones and cameras at home (or at least asking them to turn their devices off during the actual wedding ceremony!)

Reasons range from stories of grooms unwittingly seeing photos posted online of his bride-to-be before she walked down the aisle and ruining that special moment when he gets to see her for the first time, to brides not wanting unflattering pictures of them and their family plastered all over facebook, to guests and their cameras getting in the way of the images that the couple paid the photographer that they spent a lot of time and money selecting and hiring to capture their special day.

Yes, i have had plenty of times where guests have unintentionally gotten in front of my perfectly framed shot or where everyone in the background of an otherwise great image is staring down at their phone instead of focusing on the bride and groom, but in my opinion the most important reason for having friends and family put down their devices at your wedding is so that they can be there for you!  Isn’t that the reason why many of them have flown across the country and sometimes half way across the world to attend your wedding?  Sure they might get a nice picture on their iphone every once and while, but didn’t you want them at your wedding first and foremost to give you their love and support?  That is a tough offering to make when they are juggling their camera settings and quickly trying to clear some extra space off their memory card, and oh, they just happened to notice a text that came through from a business associate that they haven’t heard from in a while…  you get the point.

there are so few times in our busy, fast-paced lives where we truly unplug and are able to be completely present.  let your wedding be one of those times… that way you get to look out at the faces and into the eyes of the ones you love instead of at a sea of camera lenses and screens.  and don’t worry a good professional photographer will get more than enough pictures :-)

photography: Hannah Hardaway


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